Construction Service

Full service construction including raw lands, water tanks, flag poles, TI/build outs, civil, tower, co-locations, electrical, HVAC. Specializing in temporary cellsite on wheels (COWs) turnkey deployments and microwave systems (leasing, permitting, deployment, backhaul, maintenance, and decomission).

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We have been involved in construction for the wireless industry for 18+ years.


Our start and main line of service is maintenance services, tower erections, DAS sytems, and roof tops. We erect and maintain towers, lines, antennas, improve or repair existing platforms or structures, maintain and repair all aspects of tower-related devices and components. We deploy experience and well versed tower crews and civil teams to conduct all work. All work conducted is done so with strict adherence to industry guidelines and training measures, assuring safety, reliability, and quality. SWCWC Inc. is qualified with all major tower owners, as well as multiple suppliers, contractors and agencies. Our team can install new equipment all the way to decomissioning old equipment and everything in-between.

Disasters and Emergencies

We are well versed in responding to weather, accidents, forest fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, vandalism, powerloss, fiberloss, and anything else that results in network down time. Our experience and dedication to our customers enables us to respond quickly and appropriately to get service back on air. With experience in adverse turnkey mobile deployments, we understand all aspects of sites and their function. Through this understanding we are able to quickly assess the situation and put a plan into action. We move in promptly and address the most crucial issues to mitigate risk, liability, and return your site to safe operation.


Our team is trained in just about every type of microwave backhaul solutions from point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, spoke and hub, licensed, and unlicensed. Manufactures we have experience and training with included Ericsson, Fastback Networks, DragonWave Inc, Ceragon Networks, BridgeWave Communications, RAD, Radwin, and many others. We also conduct path analysis, line-of-sight verification, FCC licensing, installation, antenna alignment, decomissions, system test, system repairs, integration, and many other tasks related to microwave networks.